In the flow

July 2020

I’m truly in the flow of writing and on track with the first draft of my manuscript about the Handleys, my mother’s ancestors.

Just finished the first part of her father’s life, till the point that he’s back home after the 1914-18 war.

Now starting to write about him courting Miss Grime and his dramatic life post-war.

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  1. I’ve just read your chapters to grandmother’s death. it is lovely to see them in order in this format, after reading your ‘posts’.

  2. I have been browsing through you website, and want to congratulate you on a very clear and enjoyable structure. Your source document is impressive and the family tree adds good clarification of the puzzle pieces.Michael I particularly enjoy your writing style. The family should be very pleased with this resource. I found going from one chapter to the next required I re-route via the Family Stories tab. Is there a tool you can add to hyperlink to the next chapter? On WordPress they have this feature.

    1. Thanks for this practical suggestion Cynthia. I’ve added link at the end of each chapter leading on to the next. It’s much easier to go from one chapter to the next now.

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