Three Auntiques

My grandfather, Jack Handley, had 3 sisters and a brother. I’ve just finished researching them as they will figure in the book.

I remember my 3 great-aunts well. We called them the Three Auntiques and they were interesting characters.

Annie was the eldest. She was a strong-willed, determined woman. She had an interest in children and became a school teacher; an occupation which was male-dominated at the time. Sadly Annie lost twins and a son of 6 before having 4 healthy children.

Mabel was Jack’s younger sister and remained a spinster most of her life. She was a vegetarian, played the piano and sang in the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir. When visiting her I remember how she told my future by tea-leaf reading, numerology and astrology.

Mary, the youngest sister, was a bookkeeper and a golfer. She married a stevedore and they had a daughter.

Mary, Annie, cousin Blanche and Mabel in Folkestone 1960

In their latter days Annie, Mabel and Mary went on holidays together, often accompanied with their cousin Blanche. They travelled all over the country and abroad, including to Switzerland and Holland.  I remember them enjoying themselves even though they seemed to squabble. Annie was quite dominant whereas Mabel and Mary would have their own ideas. Blanche played a mitigating role.

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