Writing Challenge Successful

In February I took part in Lynn Palermo’s annual family writing challenge.

How did it help me?

Showing emotions is my weaker strength. I’ve practised that, and now my writing demonstrates more emotion, through gestures, posture and actions. Showing how flirting happened is still a weak point!

I’ve learned how to keep tension in the story to entice the reader on. The trick is to keep the story moving while including facts about the period, geography and social circumstances.

Lynn sent daily video sessions with lessons including about creating a character, finding the theme, developing the plot, building tension and keeping the reader’s attention.

In the Facebook group I posted 10 instalments of Ann Handley’s story, and had great feedback from other writers. Reviewing their own posts was also part of my learning.

Now I need to keep the momentum going to meet my April 2021 deadline!

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