After researching my family history for more than 30 years, I have collected a large amount of findings. I recently realised that these bare facts don’t reflect my ancestors stories. The facts need linking together and, with a little imagination, they make interesting stories.

Michael Pantlin

I decided to write a book about my ancestors’ stories. It won’t be a boring book of facts but a narrative based on my research with added fiction to make compelling reading.

My Writer’s stories will keep you up to date on my progress.

This website presents short previews of my Family Stories and shows the results of my research in the Family Tree.

Fact or Fiction?

Most of the information here has come from my genealogical research which is based on:

  • Publicly available genealogical records like birth and marriage registers
  • Family stories, mostly told by my mother
  • A collection of letters, pictures and diaries past down several generations
  • Information from extended family members and other genealogists

Where possible I have verified all my research, especially concerning the first 5-6 generations. Older generations are less well verified.


For privacy reasons, no living people are included on this website, besides myself. Anyone objecting to information shown here should contact me at michael@pantlin.eu.

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