About the author

Michael Pantlin

Letters from the Past is Michael Pantlin’s first creative non-fiction book. Michael was born in Liverpool, but spent most of his life in Amsterdam working for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and as an executive coach. He has a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering. His previous publication, How I Survived the Great War, was a collection of John ‘Jack’ Handley’s war memories, which Michael edited. 

Living in a country where he had no roots, Michael has always had a keen interest in knowing more about the way his English ancestors lived.

To tell their stories he’s interwoven facts, historical events, and fiction to make compelling reading that will appeal to readers interested in family history.

Most of the information in Letters from the Past has come from genealogical research based on:

  • Publicly available genealogical records like birth and marriage registers
  • Family stories, mostly told by my mother
  • A collection of letters, pictures and diaries past down several generations
  • Information from extended family members and other genealogists

For privacy reasons, no living people are included in the family tree, besides the author. Anyone objecting to information shown on this website should contact: michael@pantlin.eu.

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