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Letters from the Past

A Shropshire village is Ann Handley’s home in 1851. Her father has destined her to be a farmer’s wife, and says she doesn’t need to read and write. 

Feeling constrained at home, she longs to escape. But just as Ann begins to make her way out into the world, a shocking encounter brings misfortune and conflict to her door. She’s forced to leave the village and find work elsewhere; a pattern which future generations will follow. 

Letters from the Past is the story of four generations of an ordinary English family.

Michael takes the reader through a century of his ancestors’ lives, bringing their thoughts, beliefs, feelings and suffering together in a clear and captivating way.

Trevor Newton, Writer

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How I survived the Great War

How I Survived the Great War is a collection of John ‘Jack’ Handley’s memoirs of the First World War, edited by Michael Pantlin.